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1. SSP: A genome-wide analysis of sumoylation-related biological processes and functions in human nucleus. Totally 2,683 potential SUMO substrates conserved in both human and mouse were identified. And we design a simple query software to search the results.

2. SUMOsp: Highly accurate software for prediction of sumoylation site.

3. GPS: one of our recent projects. We designed a novel algorithm GPS (Group-based Phosphorylation sites Prediction) and construct an easy-to-use web server for the experimentalists.

4. PPSP: Prediction of PK-Specific Phosphorylation site. The software has been implemented in Bayesian Decision Theory (BDT) algorithm.

5. MeMo: The first computational program for prediction of protein methylation site on either lysine or arginine residues.

6. CSS-Palm: a novel and powerful software for prediction of protein S-palmitoylation sites.

7. NBA-Palm: Another online predictor for S-palmitoylation site prediction, implementated in Naive Bayesian Algorithm.

8. PAIL: The first computational program for prediction of protein acetylation site on internal lysines.

9. PTMP-UI: A general user interface (UI) for prediction servers of proteins' post-translational modification sites. With such uniformity in the UI, experimental biologists would be able to use any PTM prediction server. And all of our web servers are constructed following the protocol.


For publication of results, please cite the following article:

BDM-PUB: Computational Prediction of Protein Ubiquitination Sites with a Bayesian Discriminant Method.
Ao Li, Xinjiao Gao, Jian Ren, Changjiang Jin, and Yu Xue.

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